Building a website, where to start? 

Defining the Website Mission

The first element to consider with building your website is the ultimate goal you’d like to achieve. 

Working through a brief (or website requirements) allows you to analyze your needs, while considering what your end goal is and how you will monetize and market the website and its essential that we have a shared understanding of what you want so our solution meets your needs.

We built a handy brief form here

Or thinking about a Mobile App? 

This same process relates to building a mobile app here Our talented development team can help you define, plan and strategize your new app.


Next Up, Choosing a Platform

There are many solutions for building a professional website, but some platforms will be better than others, and the right solution for you depends on your needs. Things to take in consideration include complexity, storage, speed and most importantly budget.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a program designed to hold a website together. Using one allows you as the owner to make editorial changes, add images and create new blog content without needing to know how to code or use HTML, CSS or JavaScript.


Here are some of the top Content Management Systems we work with


Choosing a Design

Once you have decided on a platform the next big consideration is the design or layout.


The design isn’t only the look, feel and a fantastic colour scheme - our creative team focus on these critical elements, all of which depend on the mission of your site:

 User Experience

  • How easy is it to browse and find what you are looking for on the site?
  •  Can people locate your number and find the hours of operation in less than two clicks?
  • Does the page load fast and is it usable on every mobile device
  •  Do you have a sub-3 step checkout process?

Information Architecture

  • What is the flow of information on the site?
  • Does the site contain an interesting introduction but also explain the services you provide?
  • Does the layout of your website flow and can customers find the information they need easily?

Call to Actions

  •  Lead generation forms
  •  Links to Call, Buy and Book Now
  • Live Chat or Bot functions

Conversion Optimisation

 Is a customer buying a product or leaving you their contact information, this is the prime focus for what your website is there to achieve. 

  • Websites these days have an average conversion rate of 3-5%, do you know yours? 
  • Maximize your conversions by using science about optimisation content, user experience and 


There are two different ways we approach design for our clients:

  1. Our creative team can design your website layers from scratch to perfectly meet your brand and style 
  2. We can use an number of preexisting themes or templates, modify it then give it the look and feel of your brand which is faster and more cost effective for simple sites and smaller budgets


Before we get onto the coding side

We design and prototype the website to ensure you are involved every step of the process

Website Functionality

Websites need to cater for many needs to ensure you can engage with your audience the way you want to and provide the services you need.

To ensure your website engages with your audience, some core functionality is typically critical:

Gallery + Image Blocks

  • Showcase your images in an easy to browse format


  • Share content, thoughts or interesting information which is essential for Search Engine optimisation

Payment Pages

Form Builders

  • Create custom forms for inquiries and information

Mobile Optimisation

Ensuring your website can be functional on all mobile devices, super important for your search engine ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo (plus those *other* search engines*)

More information about Mobile Optimisation


  • Customer reviews of your products and services

Content Delivery Network

  • Save all assets in one location and use them across the internetime, which saves bandwidth and site load times 

Video/Audio/Podcast Uploads

  • Upload video,  audio or podcasts to your website to share and captivate your audience with punchy marketing messages

Social Integration

Booking Plugins

  • Solution allowing clients to book directly through the website, or with reservation systems saving your staff time

Email Marketing Integration

  • Connect with your client base on a regular basis

And some additional functionality that your audience won’t see but is equally important:

Most platforms include this functionality within their services. Otherwise you may have to pay a third party developer or providers to embed the functions into your website

Website Security

  • Perform security and software patches to maintain security

Hosting Provider

  • Where is your website hosted?
  • Who is managing it?
  • What about data protection?

Domain Management

  • Not only the registration but managing your MX Records, Zone Files, DNS

Email Management

  • G-Suite
  • Office 365
  • Managed Exchange

SSL Certificates

  • Encrypting your website traffic from third parties
  • Required whenever you are handling customer information
  • Also beneficial for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PCI compliance

  • Applies to companies of any size that accept credit card payments.
  • You need to host your data securely with a PCI compliant hosting provider.

We know that is a lot to consider, but we have 12 years of experience working in the Digital world. Talk to us about your website requirments