What is your website trying to achieve?

What are you trying to achieve with your business website?

The world has changed so much that these days, a business without a website or digital presence quite simply isn’t reaching its potential.

Today, we buy, sell, trade and borrow products and services online, 24/7 and on a global scale. If you and your business can’t fulfill a customer’s thirst for information, products, and services online and in seconds, you risk losing them forever. Such is the vast array of worldwide competition, first impressions have never been so important.

But apart from building and maintaining a website simply because nowadays it’s the ‘done thing’, you have to ask yourself; what are you trying to achieve with your website? Or put simply, what’s the point in it all?

As with every website, the long-term aim is to generate new opportunities and leads and convert them into sales. That’s nothing new though. We all knew this, right?

What’s often forgotten about though, is the other benefits a website will bring to your business, that in time can have a big impact on your bottom line.

I’ll cut to the chase…

Business without boundaries.  

The world wide web gives every business – regardless of size, industry and service – the opportunity to punch well above its weight and win business globally.

Technology has changed the game entirely. With a website, you can quite literally sell your products and services to anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world. Make the most of it, and grow your business internationally.

Take a look at the line up for MarTech for example (wow!) More on that later!



Unlimited reputation potential.

We’re judgemental by nature, and 84% of people think that a business without a website or online presence lacks credibility. Websites give you the opportunity to tell your story to the people that matter.

A website does far more than simply give your business added kudos in the digital world though. It gives your business the ability to build and grow its reputation through reviews, testimonials, ratings and customer feedback.

The world increasingly buys based on trust and reputation; think Uber, think AirBnb, Netflix and Amazon. The better rated a driver, a holiday apartment, a film or even an E-book is, the more likely we are to use or buy it.  So for businesses, the better your reputation, the better your performance. It’s that simple.

An enjoyable convenience.

In most cases, a website of any quality allows customers to buy more conveniently. Without needing to travel anywhere, buying in the comfort of your own home from your phone or laptop is quite simply a nicer way of doing things.

But your website should go one step further. Buying convenience is one thing, but making the shopping and purchasing an enjoyable experience is something else entirely.

Slick user experience, striking imagery, and a logical customer journey won’t just set you apart from your competition, it’ll keep your key stakeholders coming back for more. As creatures of habit, it’s a pleasure doing the things we enjoy again and again.

And you can’t argue with that, can you?

Sean Masters is the Managing Director of Socialprise – Global digital transformation and strategic growth agency delivering innovative digital, branding, design, and communications for businesses of all sizes.