eCommerce Solutions

Creating an eCommerce site follows the same principals and strategies as a standard website, but requires a stronger focus on usability and security.   You will want to ensure your customers have an easy and secure way to view , select and pay for your products online.

Our eCommerce solutions work with a number of platforms.  The ability to accept payment from customers and to get your money without hefty transfer and foreign exchange fees can be challenging – especially for companies outside the United States.

Happily, we have an integration into several payment providers you can use through an API, or through hosted payment pages.

Order Management

 Our eCommerce solutions provide a 360 degree view of your customers and their purchases within an easy to use content management system.

Within the content management system, you will also have functionality to track orders and invoice your customer.  Having this housed in one place makes it simple to track the conversions and performance of your eCommerce website.

Inventory Management

Maintaining accurate inventory is crucial for a high-performance website.  This also allows you to track products that are low in performance or out of stock.   Proper inventory management enhances the website experience to your customers and maximizes your sales.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Most content management systems have a useful that can store basic information on your customers.  This system all helps track sales, items ordered, email addresses and phone numbers.

Having this information available is critical in day to day business.  You can use this information to form an email marketing strategy or a more advanced CRM personalisation and segmentation, 



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