Digital Strategy

Businesses will need to implement new strategies and technology to survive in an ever more competitive market.  Examples include customer-focused efforts such as websites, mobile, eCommerce, social media, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and integrated advertising.

Using the best tools and technology will give your customers the best experience. It will also help you and your business improve the internal processes to be more effective and efficient.

We work with you to discover what goals and ambitions you have for your business.  We want to help you:

  • Identify potential opportunity and complexities in your business where digital assets, ideas and content could work
  • Identify unmet needs and goals of your customers that align with those opportunities or complexities
  • Create a vision around online assets for business and customer needs, goals, opportunities and complexities
  • Provide you with a set of online ideas, initiatives, recommendations and tools to help your business deliver on this vision

Search Engine Optimisation/ Pay Per Click Marketing (Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook Ad's)

There is a misconception in the industry that if you build a website, it will immediately be found by customers online and start performing for you.  That’s like saying when you buy a car, you never need fuel (except if it’s a Tesla).  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing are the fuel for website performance.

Search Engine Optimisation has a number of content elements and technical considerations that affect how Google ranks your website.  The process of Search Engine Optimization is about putting these tactics in place to increase your rankings:


  • Hosting, Mobile Optimisation, Website Speed, Tags, Hosting, Redirects, Error Pages

Link validation and building

After your website and content are technically sound, you want to focus making sure others are validating who you are. Search engines monitor links from other sites as a reference to your business. These links help show search engines how relevant you are within your industry, and help determine your ranking in search results. 

When using this element of search engine optimisation, you really need to be sure you are working with trustworthy experts.  Buying or securing “black hat” Links or “cheap fixes” will end up with your website having a lowered quality score that will ultimately hurt your website rather than help.

If you would like help with your Digital Marketing/Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click Marketing reach out to us here


  • The best and most efficient way to increase the ranking of your website 
  • Content is  key when it comes to Google, Bing and other search engines

Organic search (free!)  is from having relevant content on the services you provide and referencing specific keywords your customers search with.

Pay Per Click Marketing is one of the most useful tools in getting your brand out there and acquiring leads to your website.

Pay per click has a fast turnaround in driving traffic to your website but also works around budget limits and can across ad networks using search display and retargeting.

Within the PPC space we can build and manage campaigns across Google, Bing, Yahoo and across Social Channels of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Having a compelling PPC strategy is a must for any business wanting to gain more traffic and revenues for their website.

There are so many ways to spend money on adverting, google are one of the largest search providers for the simple fact people think that you set and forget but any ad spend needs to be managed tested and optimised or otherwise you are throwing your hard earned money straight down the digital drain.


With so much competition online 

How will you attract customers?