This form is to capture the consolidated feedback on your design or wireframe round, we’d like to say it’s going to be perfect first time around but this is your website at the end of the day and we need to ensure it meets your standards.  Please give us feedback in a clear and detailed manner as possible (If you are gathering feedback from a number of people please ensure that you present this feedback as a single view).

  • Submission of this form is taken as approval to proceed to the next revision of the design.

  • We will produce the next revision of design after receiving this form.

  • No additional feedback can be incorporated into the next design round once we have received this form.

  • Additional feedback can be included in subsequent revisions (if there are revisions left in your contract)

  • Any amendments beyond outside contracted Wireframe / Design Rounds will incur additional design or development charges which we’d prefer to avoid so please try and be as descriptive as possible in this form.

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