A brand is the heart and soul of a company.  Many years ago, business books suggested a brand be your company name, slogan, logo or design that would help you stand out from your competition and be memorable.

Not much has changed since. Take a look at the Apple logo.  It’s simple yet memorable. 

 The journey of Apple 

The journey of Apple 

The brand you create needs to help you stand out from the competition.  You also want to make sure it involves the elements, thoughts and feelings that surround it. 

  • When designing your brand, you need to consider:
  • How it will be used?
  • How you want to represent the image and purpose of your business?
  • What connection, if any, the brand should have to a physical product?
  • What colours are relatable?
  • What do you want your brand to make a customer feel?

Once you have decided on your logo and branding, then you need to focus on using your brand. This can be done with small, everyday items such as letterhead, business cards and websites.  Larger strategies might include product placement, digital footprint, tone of voice, target market and customer personas.

We can help you with all of these elements`!

Building a look book or brand guide

Small start-ups to big corporate organizations all have a brand identity. In a nutshell, the brand identity is a handbook for selecting marketing materials, typefaces, graphics and online content, and rules to keep a consistent visual identity as you extend your brand to new uses.

One of the most important parts of any branding strategy, is keeping your brand consistent. A look book and brand guide is helpful tool for all employees!

Whether you are needing an updated corporate identity or you are small start-up, our creative team can help you create a new look and feel you want.

Print Design

Creating professional materials for your business should be an early step in a branding exercise. It can be anything from basic stationary to business cards and sales sheets.

Our focus is to understand the brand you are creating and how it can transfer into the materials you require to represent your brand in the best light. 

2D/3D Animation/TVC

Animation is a great way to bring your brand alive.  Our team can create a number of amazing animations to be used on your website, social media platforms and elsewhere.


How will you make your brand stand out?